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Re: managesieve + include

2003-10-20 08:09:24

> > There could be a new "INCLUDE" capability for ManageSIEVE to do that.
> > Whether that is part of the ManageSIEVE draft or the include draft or
> > a separate document is open for debate.

> I don't think it's good to allow any user to access the global script
> space. List it, yes, so the Sieve editor can present the global scripts
> in the GUI to choose from, but adding new ones should be left to the
> admin or another role. So if the person filling the role of global
> script manager needs to access the global script store, then she can
> just as well log in as that role.

IMO this is an authorization issue which should not be enforced by

I agree with Cyrus that MANAGESIEVE should provide a facility to access
the global script space.  Who has access to this space is a site policy
decision which would most likely be tied to the authid/authzid.

I agree as well. To the extent that MANAGESIEVE provides a means to
use sophisticated tools for sieve construction and maintenance, it doesn't
seem reasonable to deny these tools to admins maintaining global scripts, or
allow them but require an implementation-specific step on the server to
turn an admin user script into a global script.


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