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Re: managesieve + include

2003-10-21 14:27:08

| 3. Either the managesieve or the include spec need to clarify that
| scripts that other scripts depend on (e.g. "includees") may not be
| removed from the script store (return NO) and that includees have to be
| uploaded before their includers.

That kind of dependency is going to be a pain.

Indeed- there has to be a line drawn for how much the managesieve
server can know.  Might want to put some text in with dire warnings
about what can happen if you remove a script that's included by
another, but I would frown on having the server having to have
a dependency graph far outside of its current operation.

If somebody does remove a needed included file, their mail delivery
should start generating error messages soon thereafter.  Shift the
focus towards error handling and recovery in the scripting language
and execution environment, and not to the tool used to install and
delete individual files.

And personally I disagree with the notion that an "include" of a
nonexistent file should be treated as a no-op.  Mistakes should generate
error reports.

Agree with the desire for CHECKSCRIPT.


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