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Re: My open issues with RFC3028bis

2005-07-04 05:43:53

Philip Guenther wrote:

  Folding of long header lines (as described in [IMAIL] 2.2.3) is
  removed prior to interpretation of the data.  The folding syntax (the
  CRLF that ends a line plus any leading whitespace at the beginning of
  the next line that indicates folding) are interpreted as if they were
  a single space.


Hmmm, that last paragraph actually differs from RFC 2822, section 2.2.3,
which says:
  Unfolding is accomplished by simply removing any CRLF
  that is immediately followed by WSP.

I.e., the leading whitespace should *not* be treated as a single space
but rather be left as is.  Unless I hear screams, I'm going to remove
the sentence that starts "The folding syntax..." as conflicting.
RFC 2822, section 3.2.3 also contains:

  Runs of FWS, comment or CFWS that occur between lexical tokens in a
  structured field header are semantically interpreted as a single
  space character.