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Re: Working Group Last Call for draft-ietf-sieve-refuse-reject-00.txt

2005-08-22 12:41:04

On 8/21/05 7:54 AM, Alexey Melnikov sent forth electrons to convey:
5.1  Action refuse
This extension can be only supported by a Sieve implementation
running in an MTA.

So, possible solutions to address this issue:
1). delete the sentence.
2). reword to be less prescriptive.

Which one do you prefer?
Let's reword/replace using the 'key' Kjetil suggested thus:
right.  the key is that you decline a message which is sent from a
different administrative domain.  [...] a "refuse" MUST be able
to tell the other administrative domain that the message was rejected
without instantiating the sending of a new message.
How's this replacement?

(The first sentence is unchanged.)

  The "refuse" action refuses delivery of a message by sending back

the 550 SMTP response code to an SMTP client. This extension can be supported only by a Sieve implementation capable of sending the 550 over an SMTP connection between Administrative Units.

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