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Re: Spam blowback from Sieve implementations.

2006-11-29 10:16:25

Alexey Melnikov wrote:

Alexey Melnikov wrote:

Matthew Elvey wrote:

Finally, there's "ereject", which never sends MDNs. Among other things, exim calls for this option, as it never sends MDNs.

I just want to point out that slides/jabber log from the meeting say that there was a rough consensus for ereject to allow for "protocol level refusal or MDN". The questions about ereject never generating MDNs was not asked.
(I am personally undecided on this issue)

After thinking more about this: for Sieve implementations in MUA, the "ereject" action is not going to give anything that the "reject" action can't already do, so I am fine with disallowing "ereject" in MUAs.

By disallowing ereject to issue MDNs, we are making script that use ereject non-portable. I think both actions should be allowed to do both types of rejections based on the environment and the content of the reason string.

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