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Re: Spam blowback from Sieve implementations.

2006-11-28 12:38:44

I'm chiming on on what Matthew said, but there isn't anything specific in what he said that I want to quote. So I'm just talking here....

Here's more detail about what I think happened in SD with respect to refuse/reject:

* Chris brought up a situation in which there's an existing customer base that uses the existing function and expects it to send MDNs with non-ASCII text (Japanese, specifically, in Chris's case). It is important to Chris that those existing customers not be surprised by a changed spec and curtailed function. This is important enough that Sun will likely ignore the standard if the standard changes the existing function to behave differently in this regard.

* Everyone agreed that because of the abuse of MDNs/DSNs through spam, protocol-level rejects are best when they can be used.

* Consensus -- as I recall it -- was to use two actions:
1. Leave the current action alone, but add text that says that implementations MAY use protocol-level reject if and only if the response text is US-ASCII. 2. Add a new action that ONLY accepts US-ASCII response text, and that MUST use protocol-level reject.

* A script that uses the new action will know that it will never be sending MDNs. A script that uses the old action will not be sure. Therefore, we will encourage migration to the new action. The old action, though, will remain for cases where the response text is important to the script-writer, and where that response text might be in a non-ASCII character set.

That's my memory of where we left it.

Like Matthew, I would like to VERY VERY STRONGLY DISCOURAGE the use of Sieve scripts to generate MDNs. But I understand the situation Chris describes, and I agree that we shouldn't pull this out from under customers that expect it to work this way.

Let's provide this migration path, and hope that some day we can deprecate the MDN-ful version. But that day will have to wait for a while....


Barry Leiba, Internet Messaging Technology