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Re: Last chance to review draft-ietf-sieve-3028bis-10.txt before sending it to IESG

2007-02-05 09:20:09

Alexey Melnikov wrote:

This is your last chance to review that the document is correct and complete. No new issues can be raised at this stage unless they are very serious.

I actually do have one issue with a recent change in -10 which I consider to be serious, because it broke my Sieve implementation (as well as CMU's)

> 8.1.     Lexical Tokens
>    Sieve scripts are encoded in UTF-8.  The following assumes a valid
>    UTF-8 encoding; special characters in Sieve scripts are all US-ASCII.
>    The following are tokens in Sieve:
>            - identifiers
>            - tags
>            - numbers
>            - quoted strings
>            - multi-line strings
>            - other separators
>    Identifiers, tags, and numbers are case-insensitive, while quoted
>    strings and multi-line strings are case-sensitive.

I actually have a problem with *numbers* being case-insensitive. Cyrus
Sieve doesn't accept "k", "m" and "g" prefixes in numbers.

So I would like to poll the WG regarding this issue. Do people want to make to make number case-insensitive, or should this change be undone? (In the latter case there is one example in 3028bis-10 which uses lowercase 'k' now, which has to change)