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Re: Questions regarding RFC 5228

2008-10-20 15:28:53

Mark E. Mallett writes:
Ditto; I was going to say the same thing, and for all the points you mention. This "MUST" (or at least that interpretation of it) is something I disagree with - I think it's unreasonable for an implementation to tell a script writer that they may not attempt to examine or extract or test an address in a header field that the script writer wants to examine or extract or test, even if that header field might not be defined as addresses in it in a structured way. The message-id case is a perfect example, but there are others.

I looked at this message and saw two more examples.

List-Id: <>

Both fields are very widely used, and people do want to handle list mail specially in sieves, so I guess that if the address test ought to work beyond ordinary address fields, then those two are high on the priority list. So has anyone here written the code necessary to have the address test handle List-Id, List-Unsubscribe and friends?

This sounds like a fine test, just the kind of thing to catch all mailing-list mail.

if address :is :all [ "list-id", "to", "cc" ] 
"ietf-mta-filters(_at_)imc(_dot_)org" {
    fileinto "sieve";

I think that that proscription is more of a script 'con' than a 'pro.' :)

Simplicity is a valuable feature.


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