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Re: Questions regarding RFC 5228

2008-10-20 05:33:42

Stephan Bosch writes:

I am finishing up a first release of my Sieve implementation, and one of the TODO items that yet remains is getting some answers to questions that arose during development. I've collected these into a file an now I submit them to this list to get some clarification. Any help is greatly appreciated.

* RFC 5228 (Sieve) : 5.1.  Test address:
"Implementations MUST restrict the address test to headers that contain addresses, but MUST include at least From, To, Cc, Bcc, Sender, Resent-From, and Resent-To, and it SHOULD include any other header that utilizes an "address-list" structured header body." -> Will this cause a compile error, or are the disallowed headers simply ignored? My implementation currently considers this to be a compile error.

So does mine.

-> Given the variables extension, sometimes the specified header names aren't known until runtime. If the previous answer was to cause a compile error, should this abort the script at runtime?

I don't have variables (yet?). I expect that I would try to give an error at compile time and to avoid runtime errors.

   * RFC 5228 (Sieve) : 5.4.  Test envelope:
"The "envelope" test is true if the specified part of the [SMTP] (or equivalent) envelope matches the specified key. This specification defines the interpretation of the (case insensitive) "from" and "to" envelope-parts. Additional envelope-parts may be defined by other extensions; implementations SHOULD consider unknown envelope parts an error."

Again, I give an error at compile time, none at runtime.

-> Given the variables extension, sometimes the specified envelope parts aren't known until runtime. Should invalid ones abort the script or is ignoring them a better practice?

Sieve is a simple language... All commands in a script can be arranged into basic blocks, and the basic blocks form a DAG. (I don't remember whether this remains true with Ned's MIME/looping extension.)

I wonder whether it is possible to walk along the DAG and say "this assignment is invalid since it leads to an error when the variable is used".


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