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Re: [sieve] I-D Action:draft-ietf-sieve-external-lists-07.txt

2011-05-07 07:57:16
I will give you my response here: there is not a specific URL for CardDAV -
it is just HTTP/WebDAV at its core so the only URLs that make sense are http
and https. That does not fit our requirements.

That's what I thought, and what I found from looking at the docs, but
I wanted to be sure.  OK.

Here is one possibility: change the syntax to provide for a prefix to the
list name. The following could be used:

- "URL:" - what follows is a URL (as per current spec behavior)
- "list:" - a "generic" named list
- "ab:" - a list of addresses

That's very much like the idea we passed through, of using a registry
of our own for names that could be alternatives to a URI for that.  I
propose, though, that we not use a prefix in general, but instead
prefix the non-URIs with ":" (think of it as a "null URI scheme",
maybe).  So URIs could be exactly as they are now, and we'd have
for example, for our own names.  We can define a registry for these
names, specifying that everything after the second ":" be defined in
the definition of each name.

If Alexey and Ned think this is a good idea, I'll re-work the doc to
define the new registry, and we can do another quick WGLC on it before
we send it to the IESG.

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