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Re: "Yes, I can handle PGP/MIME"

2004-04-19 01:01:44
On Friday 16 April 2004 17.46, Holger Sesterhenn wrote:

Well, as soon as someone contributes a PGP/MIME capable plugin for a
specific mail client from a very specific company I am willing to say
that PGP/MIME might have a chance becoming a new standard (*).

Won't solve the problem for those who like to sign their mail per 
default - the problem is not people who are aware of OpenPGP (those 
usually know the PGP/MIME problem when they use MSOE, which in my 
experience is quite rare anyway.) The problem is people who do not know 
anything and do not care about OpenPGP (or any other form of email 
protection.) They won't be ready (or able) to install something on 
their machine to be able to read my mail.

-- vbi

Conquest is easy. Control is not.
                -- Kirk, "Mirror, Mirror", stardate unknown

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