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Re: [openpgp] Intent to deprecate: Insecure primitives

2015-03-16 11:36:04
On 3/16/15 at 6:51 AM, warlord(_at_)MIT(_dot_)EDU (Derek Atkins) wrote:

Oh, you expected me to decrypt/re-encrypt my encrypted email as I got it???

For many uses, decrypting from the wire format and re-encrypting in the "data at rest" security format makes excellent sense. Having only one encryption scheme for long-term storage allows easy (relatively) upgrade and helps to ensure that the data is still accessible, i.e. the decryption still works. I probably have a bunch of old PGP encrypted email I can't read anymore because I don't have the secret key, or its passphrase. If that mail had been re-encrypted in a format that I decrypt every day, I would still be able to read the mail. Encryption that isn't regularly exercised gets rusty.

Cheers - Bill

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