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Re: OCP transport nomination

2003-04-25 14:34:14

While re-use is certainly expected, we shouldn't make the overhead so
high that it becomes impractical to open many connections.  Separate
connections might be needed to keep sensitive user data encrypted
under different keys, multiple connections might be desirable for
scheduling streaming applications, etc.  


On Fri, 25 Apr 2003 at 14:32:35 -0400 Markus Hofmann observed:

 Alex Rousskov wrote:

 > Do we expect the set of callout servers to change so rapidly that
 > server connections cannot be reused at the OPES processor? If yes, we
 > may have to support UDP-like OCP transport (and probably change a lot
 > of OCP requirements related to "OCP connections"). If no, then
 > transport connection setup time is not an issue and TCP-based OCP
 > transport should work as well (or better) as UDP-based one. I think
 > the latter is much closer to reality. Am I missing something important
 > here?

 No, I don't think you're missing anything. You summarized very nicely 
 what my understanding has been for a while. Since we expect to 
 "re-use" estbalished TCP connections between OPES processor and 
 callout server, the TCP connection establishment overhead is probably 
 not of big importance.

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