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RE: Way Forward

2000-08-03 13:10:25
"Pawling, John" <John(_dot_)Pawling(_at_)wang(_dot_)com> writes:

The S/MIME Freeware Library (SFL) implements the EncryptedData content type.
Wang Government Services has not successfully performed interoperability
testing of the EncryptedData content type between the SFL and any other
implementations.  We did use the SFL to create an example EncryptedData object
with unprotected attributes that we sent to Paul Hoffman for inclusion in the
"Examples of S/MIME Messages" Internet-Draft. We are willing to participate in
interop testing with anyone else who has implemented the EncryptedData content

I've done EncryptedData (it's a trivial subset of EnvelopedData), here's a
sample encrypted with CAST-128 using the key "0123456789ABCDEF":

begin 644 EncryptedData.der
sum -r/size 37389/139 section (from "begin" to "end")
sum -r/size 15095/80 entire input file

The SFL does not implement the DigestedData and AuthenticatedData content

Ditto.  My position on these is that I'll implement them as soon as someone
requests them.  OTOH I've only had the code out there for about two years, so
the stampede might start at any point :-).


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