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RE: Way Forward

2000-08-03 11:37:58

Your message stated: "RFC 2630 includes other data structure that are MUST
implement(EncryptedData, DigestedData, and AuthenticatedData).  We do not
have two implementations for these data structures."

RFC 2630, Section 2, General Overview, states: "An implementation that
conforms to this specification must implement the protection content,
ContentInfo, and must implement the data,   signed-data, and enveloped-data
content types.  The other content types may be implemented if desired."

Therefore, the EncryptedData, DigestedData and AuthenticatedData content
types are already "MAY implement" requirements (not "MUST implement"

FYI.  The S/MIME Freeware Library (SFL) implements the EncryptedData content
type.  Wang Government Services has not successfully performed
interoperability testing of the EncryptedData content type between the SFL
and any other implementations.  We did use the SFL to create an example
EncryptedData object with unprotected attributes that we sent to Paul
Hoffman for inclusion in the "Examples of S/MIME Messages" Internet-Draft.
We are willing to participate in interop testing with anyone else who has
implemented the EncryptedData content type.

The SFL does not implement the DigestedData and AuthenticatedData content

John Pawling, john(_dot_)pawling(_at_)wang(_dot_)com
Wang Government Services, Inc.,
A Getronics Company

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