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Re: Way Forward

2000-08-08 10:03:36
I agree that the mandatory algorithms should not be specified in CMS,
for exactly this reason.  The message specification is a reasonable
place for S/MIME algorithm requirements.  Other CMS-using applications
will have their own requirements.


From: Malte Borcherding <Malte(_dot_)Borcherding(_at_)brokat(_dot_)com>

I second Simon's proposal, an additional reason being that some specifications
reuse the CMS syntax without mandating the same algorithms as CMS does. It 
be easier and clearer to reference one specific CMS syntax document instead of
saying "CMS, but just the data structures". 


Simon Blake-Wilson wrote:

Hi Russ,

Several other groups within the IETF ... PKIX and TLS for example ... are
separating their specifications
into two documents ... one for data structures and one for algorithms. I 
this should also be
considered by the S/MIME group ... both because it is an elegant distinction
which allows algorithms
to be updated without affecting abstract structures, and because it may 
the structures document
to proceed to standard more quickly in light of the mandatory algorithms 

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