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RE: [Cfrg] [saag] Further MD5 breaks: Creating a rogue CAcertificate

2008-12-31 10:31:29

We are simply not vigilant enough.  This issue has been on our plate
since 2004.

SHA-1 is next and neither the client side vendors nor the big
Enterprises have pushed to move to SHA-256.

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Subject: Re: [Cfrg] [saag] Further MD5 breaks: Creating a rogue

Santosh Chokhani wrote:
One would think we want to start using SHA-1 or even SHA256 (assuming
client vendors implement SHA256 ASAP) and ask the CAs emanating from
commercial roots to perform responsible I&A before issuing

Speaking of I&A, I found it interesting to note that the CA/Browser 
forum guidelines for EV certs allows (but recommends against) MD5 until 

The spot check of EV issuers I did yesterday didn't turn up anyone 
actually using MD5, but I didn't have all of 'em available.

-- Tim

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