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Re: Site policy vs. HELO

2005-03-08 16:13:45

On Tue March 8 2005 16:24, Hector Santos wrote:

When there us a legitimate sender,  they will report any
issue if it mattered to you.

Pray tell, when you bounce messages from the sender, how exactly do
you expect the sender to report the problem?

In this case, we add a backend beta ware issue -  a bug which I need to find
out so I appreciate the report.  A reverted to a day earlier version for now
and restarted. I can see your message came in now for which I will respond
to now.

This particular problem didn't begin a day, a week, or a month ago.
The first excerpt that I provided today was from 21 Oct 2004, 11:29
EDT.  And that wasn't the first time.

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