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Re: pseudo LAST CALL - draft-crocker-email-arch-04.txt

2005-03-31 02:57:53

Bruce Lilly wrote:

it is highly desirable to eliminate half-baked
cockamamie schemes which are harmful to the Internet mail 

That would be the draft under discussion.  It's by far the most
dangerous text I've seen for months, it tries to standardize
the abuse of MAIL FROM as arbitrary "bounces-to" (instead of
an entity responsible for problems with the SMTP transmission
of the message).

SPF is not an RFC. It is therefore not part of the standard
Internet mail architecture per se.

It is certainly NOT a part of the crocker-mail-arch-04, and it
will never be.  In fact I hope that the real mail architecture
will turn away from this fatal concept a.s.a.p. before bounces
are disabled worldwide (bogus "bounces-to" are already a reason
for an entry in SpamCop's blocklist, now here's "harmful" if
you really want it, but not in SA or SPF).

It is fatally flawed w.r.t. that architecture, as previously
discussed here.

We totally disagree.  The crocker-mail-arch-04.txt is fatally
flawed.  With a "bounces-to" the _easy_ exit for all "innocent
bystanders" is to submit the bogus bounces to Spamcop, SC will
list the bouncing system, therefore the bouncing system will
disable its bounces, and SMTP minus bounces can't work, it's
too fragile without proper error messages.

                           Bye, Frank