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Fw: pseudo LAST CALL - draft-crocker-email-arch-04.txt

2005-03-29 11:01:38

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From: "Hector Santos" <hsantos(_at_)santronics(_dot_)com>
To: "Dave Crocker" <dcrocker(_at_)bbiw(_dot_)net>
Sent: Tuesday, March 29, 2005 12:53 PM
Subject: Re: pseudo LAST CALL - draft-crocker-email-arch-04.txt

That's too bad. I don't see the logic.  SIEVE is a specific complex
is not mandatory for internet email operations.  Systems already have
options in place, proprietary, open or otherwise.   How about Spam
A pretty popular package.  How about wsSPAMGuard, a 3rd party package for
our system.   How about McAfee or Norton?   All "Mail Filtering"
components that can be hooked into a framework.  The future of the email
framework is most definitely headed to integrated frameworks.  SIEVE is
one option and I strongly believe it takes away from your document to make
it read like it is a requirement, which it is not.

I posted my original reply to you and the list.  But you use the wrong
IETF-SMTP address in your original message.  So anyone doing a REPLY to
post to the list will fail  I just got the bounce.  I will forward my
response to the list.   Of course, I don't expect much feedback, but I do
just to get it on public record.


Hector Santos, CTO
Santronics Software, Inc.
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From: "Dave Crocker" <dhc(_at_)dcrocker(_dot_)net>
To: "Hector Santos" <hsantos(_at_)santronics(_dot_)com>; "ietf-smtp"
Sent: Tuesday, March 29, 2005 12:44 PM
Subject: Re: pseudo LAST CALL - draft-crocker-email-arch-04.txt

 My only problem with the draft in your attempt to make it a standard is
 the how you insist in imposing "Sieve"  a specific technology and
 a specific language framework in what is otherwise a generalize
 Email Framework.

Sieve is listed in the context of Internet standards.  Are there other
internet standards for filtering that have gained any significant

Note that that same list shows MDN and DSN.

 We don't use SIEVE and we don't intend nor plan to use SIEVE anytime in

That is nice, but not overly relevant.  The document does not claim that
everyone uses any of the cited standards nor does it claim that anyone
use them.

Absent a groundswell of community support for the change you are
the text should stay as it is.

  Dave Crocker
  Brandenburg InternetWorking
  dcrocker  a t ...

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