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Re: pseudo LAST CALL - draft-crocker-email-arch-04.txt

2005-03-30 21:50:20

 2.2.4  Gateway

 Differences between mail services can be as small as minor syntax
 variations, but usually encompass significant, semantic distinctions.
 For example, the concept of an email address might be as different as a
 hierarchical, machine-specific address versus a flat, global name space.

 I think you mean "concepts of an email address" not "the concept of"

well, this is an interesting one.  i'm inclined to keep it singular, because i 
see it as two variations on the same concept.

an alternative phrasing might be "their concepts of an email address", I 

anyhow, i played with the text of the paragraph a bit.

 4.3  Mail Submission Agent (MSA)

 RFC2821.HELO or RFC2821.EHLO

 Set by: Source

 The MSA may specify its hosting domain identity for the SMTP HELO or
 EHLO command operation.

 The HELO name is offered to the MSA, not specified by the MSA.  Maybe I
 don't get what you mean here.

mumble.  two of you have commented on this.  i take the point, but REALLY 
don't want to have additional lists, one for client and the other for server.

 5.  Mediators

 RFC2821.HELO or RFC2821.EHLO

 Set by: Source or Relay

 The MSA may specify its hosting domain identity for the SMTP HELO or
 EHLO command operation.

 Same comment as above, but I'd also add that this doesn't seem relevant

well, there is so much community confusion about the different identifier 
fields, that i think it important to list the major ones for every entity 
(role) in the document.

 5.1  Aliasing

 What is most distinctive about this forwarding mechanism is how closely
 it compares to normal MTA store-and-forward Relaying.

 This is the first mention that this might also be known as a "forwarding
 mechanism" -- actually it's confusing because earlier in the draft there
 has been other text describing various forwarding actions that don't
 resemble this kind of aliasing.

well, this is one TYPE of forwarding...

 Also, you might want to mention that this use of "aliasing" is different
 from a fairly common use of that word to describe admin-level list
 expansion (e.g. the /etc/aliases sendmail model). 

actually, I think it is not all that different.

 Unfortunately there's a
 lot of overlap between words commonly in use, such as "alias" and
 "forward" and "bounce" and "resend" and "redirect."  Me, I wouldn't use
 "alias" here since it already has a lot of other meaning and I think this
 use contradicts what a lot of people already think "alias" means.

the problem is the lack of crisp words that will cause no one any problems.

for example...

 "Forwarding" is closer since there's the ".forward" model out there that

forwarding is highly ambiguous.  as in the mua forward command.  as in 
store-and-forward.  and so on.

again, thanks for the detailed review.  very helpful.

  Dave Crocker
  Brandenburg InternetWorking
  dcrocker  a t ...

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