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Re: Editorial/typographical/grammatical/punctuation/usage/formatting/charset/simple comments on draft-crocker-email-arch-04.txt

2005-03-30 22:14:48

On Wed March 30 2005 22:53, Dave Crocker wrote:

CRLF is internet standard text line ending.  Sounds like your own software 
isn't doing the conversion to local convention.

I suspect the problem is that
1. HTTP (RFC 1945) doesn't have provision for conversion, unlike
   FTP (STD 9), and you provide only an HTTP link.
2. (I forgot to mention) the document has non-ASCII cruft (RFC 2223)
   in one of the references, causing the transfer to be treated as
   binary content

Do you have any idea how long both Strunk and While have been dead?

Yes. Do you think that's relevant?  If so, do you have any idea how
long Thackeray has been dead?
And the re-casting suggestion is only made if you can't live with using 
'they'.  I can.

So if "Source" is plural, that should be "Source are...".

 not sure what you think an attr/val pair is, if not that.

 For a start, a "pair" is two things...

1. attribute

2. value

looks like a pair to me.

Except there *isn't* a "value" in the case of several fields, leaving
only an "attribute", which is no more a pair than a single penny is a
pair (of coins).

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