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Extraneous CRs in transfer of draft-crocker-email-arch-04.txt

2005-03-31 09:59:24

On Thu March 31 2005 00:14, Bruce Lilly wrote:

I suspect the problem is that
1. HTTP (RFC 1945) doesn't have provision for conversion, unlike
   FTP (STD 9), and you provide only an HTTP link.
2. (I forgot to mention) the document has non-ASCII cruft (RFC 2223)
   in one of the references, causing the transfer to be treated as
   binary content

Well, it's probably not those after all, as the official I-D is out and
retrieval from the http link in the ID-announce notice yielded a file
of 83751 octets, no CRs, but with different non-ASCII cruft in the
"Tussle" reference. [your Apache 2.0.51 server says
Content-Length: 85933]  I'm going to conclude that the problem is on
your end (do you perhaps have CRs embedded in the file on that "Fedora"
Linux system instead of native (newline) line endings?) and move on.

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