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Re: Extraneous CRs in transfer of draft-crocker-email-arch-04.txt

2005-03-31 12:25:26

On Thu March 31 2005 13:09, Dave Crocker wrote:

Thanks, but I'm still not understanding.

CRLF is the correct Internet method of indicating newline.  As I understand 
HTTP, that convention applies to it, as well as the other 'telnet-based' 
Internet protocols.

So what is the problem you believe exists?

section 3.1, subsection labeled "(2)", 2 paragraphs under heading
"Note:" (top of page 17) may help.

If you have a document with CRLF line endings on a UNIX or Linux
system, it is likely to be transmitted over the wire with CRCRLF and
stored (inappropriately) on other UNIX/Linux systems with CRLF endings.

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