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Re: Editorial/typographical/grammatical/punctuation/usage/formatting/charset/simple comments on draft-crocker-email-arch-04.txt

2005-03-30 20:53:27

 On Wed March 30 2005 20:19, Dave Crocker wrote:

 2. OD is carriage-return.  The newline sequence is OD-OA (CR-LF).  What
 do you believe is the problem with having carriage-returns in a

 Well, I haven't used an ASR-33 since the mid 1970's; my laptop doesn't
 have a carriage and therefore doesn't need a "carriage return".

but internet character protocols often do.

 Seriously, transfer protocols dealing with text are supposed to
 appropriately convert line endings. I've never had a problem with the ftp
 URIs in the ID-announce messages.

CRLF is internet standard text line ending.  Sounds like your own software 
isn't doing the conversion to local convention.

 Section 2.2.1 also says: "Hence, Source is best held accountable for
 the message content, even when they did not create any or most of
 it". That appears to have disagreement in number between "source"
 and "they" (see Strunk & White re. usage of "their").

 See the "Gender Neutral" section, at <>

 "Source" seems in this case to refer to a piece of software, so "it" would
 seem appropriate.  Failing that, your first reference suggests recasting
 the sentence, and the second reference agrees with Messrs. Strunk & White
 that "he" is gender-neutral in such a context.

Do you have any idea how long both Strunk and While have been dead?

And the re-casting suggestion is only made if you can't live with using 
'they'.  I can.

 Section 4.1.2 describes header fields as "attribute/value pairs",
 which is technically incorrect (they are named fields).

 not sure what you think an attr/val pair is, if not that.

 For a start, a "pair" is two things...

1. attribute

2. value

looks like a pair to me.

  Dave Crocker
  Brandenburg InternetWorking
  dcrocker  a t ...

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