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Re: SPF I-D for review: draft-schlitt-spf-classic-01.txt

2005-05-24 22:33:19

In <200505241009(_dot_)13491(_dot_)blilly(_at_)erols(_dot_)com> Bruce Lilly 
<blilly(_at_)erols(_dot_)com> writes:

On Mon May 23 2005 14:39, Frank Ellermann wrote:

Refers to POSIX, an external standard.  Raises questions
about implementations.

It is in an example, ..."the same value as returned by the"...

Would that be the one that fails to account for leap seconds?

The issue of leap seconds is part of the reason that the time value
return is required to be only approximate.  To be quite honest, I have
never been convinced that the time value macro variable is really that
useful, but since it is part of the existing practices of deployed SPF
systems, it needs to be documented as well as it can.  


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