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Re: Transparency

2005-09-08 11:41:31

On Thu, Sep 08, 2005 at 06:49:35PM +0200, Arnt Gulbrandsen wrote:

No. But maybe it should provide some gentle guidance, so a formerly too 
common bug becomes less common. I, too, have several times (with 
different products from different vendors, even well-respected ones) 
seen dots near the 73rd column of a line disappear.

I think an example might do the trick.

Exactly.  And that is what I propose in the second part.

I've seen it happen (after users complained) and it took me quite
some time to convince the other side they really needed to alter
their set of flags to sendmail.  An example in rfc2821 would most
certainly have been helpful here, if nothing else to point the
other mailadmin to.


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