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Re: Transparency

2005-09-10 02:19:15

Valdis Klētnieks writes:
Content-Length: was tried and failed already. It totally blows chunks if you hit a gateway that has to do an 8bit->7bit conversion or other rewriting (there's still the occasional %-hack usage, or just canonifying to a FQDN in a From:/To:/cc:/whatever:).

That's not it. Frank meant that the Received should log the body length as seen at that hop, for easier pinpointing of where munging happened.

Not justified by this problem, IMO, but possibly justified never the less. There's other munging, there are other bugs, and I at least have wondered where in the chain it happened.

Could an optional 'length <nonzero>' clause be added to the received field without restarting the standards clock?


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