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Re: Transparency

2005-09-09 01:48:53

Frank Ellermann writes:
Then let's add a note or example about it. In my wildest dreams about "WSP-canonicalization" (for DKIM or similar) I never considered "vanishing dot near column 73" <shudder />

Are you sure that it's not actually POP problem ?  Bye

I've tracked it down to buggy SMTP handling. Quoted-printable encoding inserts a soft linefeed, after character n. Character n+1 is a dot. As far as SMTP is concerned, that dot now is on the start of a line and is subject to stupid bugs.

(I personally once had it happen with a 73-character sentence. The last dot was put on its own line, and for some recipients, that dot terminated the message. Amazingly, the sendmail SMTP client didn't dot-stuff by default. The unix vendor for which both I and the affected recipients worked had neglected to change this in its


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