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I've done another revision to the email-arch draft.

I went over all of the comments made since the last revision and attempted to deal with them.

The focus for this round was to divide the MSA and MDA each into two sub-components, so that the formal transfer of responsibility with the handling service occurs inside between the sub-components. (A number of folk highlighted problems that this is intended to solve.)

I also added a bit more to cover "thin" end-user clients. However this was essentially only one additional citation. I am open to any suggestions that might be offered for saying more/different.

A number of people believe the document is too long. That said, no one has offered specific suggestions for what to cut. Not surprisingly, the text is becoming a blur to me. So I would appreciate input along these lines.

I'm feeling that the document needs to get published, and so I would like to encourage folk to think in terms of what changes they feel are absolutely essential.

     That is, what is missing, wrong or otherwise would prevent
     you from being in favor of having this published as a
     Proposed Standard?

The html version is at



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