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2007-03-14 15:19:03

Hector Santos wrote:

is there a document that defines MON, MRN, that I see you often use?

They're AFAIK not used (yet) in an Internet Draft, for definitions see

MUA, MTA, MSA and MDA are well understood established acroynms and
definitions, documented in various publications, technical internet
programming books, literatures for as far back as I can remember, but
I've never seen MON, MRN.

Finding a good source for MDA also isn't easy, apart from _new_ RFCs like
4406, 4417, 4496, and 4686 (at least the latter inspired by the mail-arch
I-Ds).  One of the issues with draft-hutzler-spamops was the use of "MDA"
without definition, IIRC.