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Re: rfc2821bis-01 Issue 14 Continuation of 222 greeting and Issue 15 syntax for multiline replies

2007-04-10 02:42:45

Frank Ellermann wrote:
Hector Santos wrote:

1) Must all the codes in the multiline response be the same?

We discussed this in summer 2005 in conjunction with the first
draft, but I don't recall what the outcome at this time was.

2) Which is the final return code, the first or the last?

I don't think that different codes are permitted.  If they're
nevertheles different the last paragraph in section 4.2.1 of
the I-D suggests that the last code is the final code, compare

I'm not quite seeing this suggestion.

Your "150-wait... 150-wait... 4yz sorry" example is clear, but
you can't use 1yz codes without an extension (confirmed by the
client, I think), see the note at the end of the "1yz" part in
section 4.2.1.

hmmmmm, that is vague.  What is the client abort command?  RSET?
QUIT?  required commands?

So we have three outstanding questions? Or are these implied and no need to address?

  - Must all the reply codes be the same?
  - If not, the final return code (last line) is valid code?
  - 150 SHOULD/MUST NOT be used without extended status codes?

I would like to suggest one paragraph wording after the final paragraph in 4.2.1:

   Only the final or last reply-code is important in a multiline
   response. The client MUST use the final line as the ultimate
   server response.  It is possible for a server to use a
   preliminary reply code 150- as part of multiline response
   with a final non-continuation completion code.

   For example:

   354 Please Start sending....
       [ client uploads message ]
   150-Please Wait...
   150-Please Wait...
   451 Sorry, Rejected, try again later


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