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Re: RFC2821bis-02 Issue 23: Definitions in Section 2.3 and "command"

2007-04-22 14:47:00

At 08:05 22-04-2007, John C Klensin wrote:
It has been pointed out that Section 2.3 contains a definition
for "Reply" (in 2.3.11) but no parallel definition for
"Command".  Is this worth fixing?

How about:


A SMTP command is sent from sender to receiver via the transmission channel.
SMTP commands and, unless altered by a service extension, message data, are transmitted in "lines".

2.3.7.  Lines

Lines consist of zero or more data characters terminated by the sequence ASCII character ...

2.3.8.  Reply

The Reply paragraph (Section 2.3.11) is moved to after the Lines paragraph. Maybe the " Message Content and Mail Data" paragraph may be moved as well so that it follows the "Lines" paragraph.