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Re: RFC2821bis-02 Issue 23: Definitions in Section 2.3 and "command"

2007-04-22 14:44:45

John C Klensin wrote:

Text specified below has been (very tentatively) incorporated
into -03 with some small modifications.  Comments and additional
suggestions welcome.

Looking again at it, maybe "message" would be less artificial than
"mail object".  Hector upset me again enough to check what RFC 821
said.  For commands it says in 4.1.1:

  The SMTP commands define the mail transfer or the mail system
  function requested by the user.  SMTP commands are character
  strings terminated by <CRLF>.  The command codes themselves are
  alphabetic characters terminated by <SP> if parameters follow
  and <CRLF> otherwise.

No "verb" in 821, you could take this text replacing "codes" by
"verbs".  Of course you already have almost literally the same
text in exaxctly the same section 4.1.1 in 2821bis-02, and maybe
the idea to repeat it near 2.3.11 is stupid.  

How about extending 2.3.11 to cover commands _and_ replies ?  And
to introduce "verb", otherwise this exercise would be a waste of
time.  Really "alphabetic" everywhere, if somebody uses digits or
hyphens they couldn't claim that it's 25 years old... (so far for
my "UTF8" verb proposed in EAI :-)