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TBR again (was Re: Fixing graylisting [was TBR])

2007-11-13 14:19:54

John Leslie wrote:

   I'd say it has a far better idea than current graylisting does.
The originator has logs to see whether the URI has been accessed: I
see no reason the originator would take down an unreferenced URI in
less than a few days.

But again, you're not responding to one of my original criticisms:  One
of the banes of running a large-scale e-mail system is clogged queues.
This proposal essentially _mandates_ clogged queues because you _have_
to keep the message around for "a few days".

Furthermore, it's trivial for spammers to maintain a URL forever
because they can generate the message on the fly, whereas it's
extremely burdensome for high-volume legitimate senders to maintain
the URLs.

As far as I can see, this extension will be ignored by spammers and
will punish those legitimate senders who decide to use it, so I don't
really see the point.