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Nature of spammers (was Re: DoS attacks (was Re: SMTP Transferred-By-Reference))

2007-11-16 19:26:57

John C Klensin wrote:

(off list)

Actually, it was on-list.

Hector, based on a semi-private FBI briefing two weeks ago, the vast
majority of spammers in the phishing, stock fraud, and related
businesses are not amateurs or snake-oil sales people, but very
sophisticated and organized criminals.

I agree.  There are still plenty of amateur spammers, but the
professional ones are the most dangerous.  I recently saw a phishing
scam that asked you to call a phone number rather than click a link.
When you called the number, you got a reasonably-convincing IVR menu
that prompted you through entering your bank card number, expiry date
and PIN.

That level of sophistication (getting a VoIP North American number;
setting up the IVR system to collect data) doesn't indicate stupidity
or amateurishness to me.