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Re: 2821bis and address rewriting

2007-11-22 00:31:51

<Valdis(_dot_)Kletnieks(_at_)vt(_dot_)edu> wrote:

you really *don't* want to have to poke around in the 822 headers
to find a 821-style return address (especially since if you *do*
that sort of grovelling, you will almost certainly Do The Wrong
Thing if you ever get a bounce with an 822-From *other* than 

+1  Or as RFC 3834 put it:

 If the response is to be generated after delivery, and there is no
 Return-Path field in the subject message, there is an implementation
 or configuration error in the SMTP server that delivered the message
 or gatewayed the message outside of SMTP.  A Personal or Group
 responder SHOULD NOT deliver a response to any address other than
 that in the Return-Path field, even if the Return-Path field is
 missing.  It is better to fix the problem with the mail delivery
 system than to rely on heuristics to guess the appropriate
 destination of the response.  Such heuristics have been known to
 cause problems in the past.


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