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Re: email-arch -- comments solicited on I8N

2008-03-11 01:50:59

<ned+ietf-smtp(_at_)mrochek(_dot_)com> wrote:
given that the only document out of EAI that has made
it to RFC status is an informational overview

The next two EAI Last Calls started yesterday, there can
be four EAI RFCs soon.  I'm very curious what you think
about the one or two "experimental MIME updates" in the
EAI I-Ds.  For one (= ignoring an "expressly forbidden")
I think it is actually only a subtle error in RFC 2045.

For the other (= UTF-8 in MIME part headers) I fear it
could cause havoc, and is unnecessary for EAI.  Please
tell me that this is a hallucination on my side, and no
real EAI design issue.