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Re: Requiring PTR

2008-04-14 22:11:06

At 00:17 +0100 on 04/13/2008, Sabahattin Gucukoglu wrote about Re: Requiring PTR:

As a blind person, I find that the other thing that doesn't bother the
majority of people that does bother me is graphical CAPTCHAs.  Most people
find them a nuisance; I find them a positive frustration.

While I can agree with your views about CAPTCHAs, I must point out that in at least some of the cases that I have seen them used in, they are used in a Section 508 compliant way in that they are accompanied by a link that will READ the contents to you for entry. This alternative at least, at least in my opinion, shows some intent to not disenfranchise those who are unable to make use of the displayed CAPTCHA while still serving whatever needs the site owner feels the scrambled pictures provide.

At 04:09 -0400 on 04/14/2008, Hector Santos wrote about Re: Requiring PTR:

An FYI, the new web SFI (speech friendly interface as we use to call it)
effort is called officially called by the ARIA (Accessible Rich Internet

Simply supplying a link that when clicked plays a sound recording that reads out the letters/numbers in the image would work (and as I stated above) has been done on some sites already. I am not sure if this method qualifies as SFI or not. I am not sure if SFI applies to this situation or not since I have the impression that it has to do with HTML/CSS markup not providing an alternative to viewing a dynamically created CAPTCHA image by also creating a dynamic audio version of its contents.

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