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Re: Requiring PTR

2008-04-15 06:15:43

On 15/04/2008, Carl S. Gutekunst <csg(_at_)alameth(_dot_)org> wrote:

Robert A. Rosenberg wrote:
Unfortunately many so called business tiers are served from a dynamic
block (or at least a dynamic block that is not flagged as business tier). In
fact, many home tiers are allowed to run servers (I am one as an OptOnline
BOOST user) yet are not served from an IP block that MAPS has flagged as
allowed to run an MTA and thus relay messages to other MTAs or AoL.

Hey, I never said the list was accurate. :-|

Early on there were several dynamic block lists, but eventually they all
gave up except for MAPS. It's just way too labor intensive to maintain. definitely hasn't given up,
and has a self-service mechanism for asserting individual IPs as

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