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Re: IPv6 addresses and IPv4 hosts (was: Re: I-D Action:draft-klensin-rfc2821bis-10.txt)

2008-04-17 07:51:22

Arnt Gulbrandsen <arnt(_at_)oryx(_dot_)com> wrote:
[> John C Klensin <john+smtp(_at_)jck(_dot_)com> wrote:]
[>> Could I suggest that someone, ideally someone with some of that]
[>> experience first-hand, take the lead and start drawing an I-D]
[>> together that builds on 3974, discusses the configuration issues]
[>> (and traps) as they are understood today, and moves toward a BCP?]

[>> If Tony, Lisa, and the group were amenable, I'd be delighted to]
[>> slip a sentence into 2821bis that indicated that further work]
[>> was going on in this area with a "work in progress" pointer to]
[>> an I-D.  Of course, first there would have to be the clear]
[>> intent to do work, not just exchange comments on the mailing]
[>> list, and an I-D.]

I'm willing to take that on, unless anyone minds.

   I'll be happy to help.

John Leslie <john(_at_)jlc(_dot_)net>