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Re: vacation programs, was BATV breaks rfc2821bis?

2008-05-21 14:17:08

John R Levine wrote:

If you're going to cast doubt on the choice of the envelope sender address, perhaps you could describe what you think the right choice is.

For a vacation program, Reply-To: or lacking that From:. You know, like replying to a message in a MUA.

not really. A human can't click 200 times on the reply button in a second. an auto-responder can.

This is not an innovative design.

It seems to me that it is. AFAIK, the reference implementation is the "old" bsd vacation program.

I should mention that the behavior you describe, where the vacation notice goes to the list management software which then treats it as a bounce sounds like the Right Thing to me

Aw, come on. Any vacation program that sends any response at all to list mail is terminally broken.

If it's broken, I still prefer that they send their scatter to the list owner (when the user can be unsubscribed or the scatter discarded).

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