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Re: Mail Data termination

2011-08-17 02:09:32

On 17 Aug 2011, at 06:21, Hector Santos wrote:
SM wrote:
At 20:23 16-08-2011, Hector Santos wrote:
So the only highly subjective argument which I will never buy as being 
absolute in either direction is that the receiver MUST ALWAYS deliver with 
the 250 even for invalid messages.
As a clarification, acceptance of a message (SMTP transaction) does not 
equate with delivery, i.e. the SMTP server already sent the 250, it cannot 
send a 550 as it already provided a reply code.  John commented on the 
server sending a NDN if it deems fit.  Randall Gellens commented on the 
timing issue.  I haven't seen anyone arguing in this thread that the 
receiver must always deliver.

Point taken, and I agree, but I guess I took offense to the incorrect 
singular interpretation label which is clearly not correct and wouldn't make 
sense to design products that will operates one way that no one supports.

Here is one sender log (trust me its more than one sender) that will resend 
regardless of DATA response

       250 message accepted for delivery

simply because it was not able to issue the 2821/5321 SMTP required QUIT.

Wait a minute.  You didn't advertise PIPELINING.  Do your logs report the 
lock-step reads and writes of CRLF-terminated lines from the network, or would 
they print the entire buffer content?  If the former, there is the possibility 
that the client never finishes sending data to you before it gets a write 
error, and is thus forced to shut down without completing a mail transaction 
(it doesn't realise that it has incorrectly terminated the transaction).  This 
would not indicate that it wants to send QUIT, only that it never got a chance 
to read the 250 response before you killed the connection.


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