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RE: Mail Data termination

2011-08-17 02:09:32

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Again, this is repeated 5 times before it decides to stop. Thats a
clear indication that the 250 response is not viewed as the
transaction complete signal that a server has accepted the transaction
for delivery and the client can "believe" it doesn't need to send the
QUIT nor retry again and can just drop the line.

I don't think it clearly indicates that.  I think this is more plausible:

- client sends DATA
- server sends 354
- client starts sending a broken message body that contains an errant 
<CR><LF>.<CR><LF> plus more after it
- server sees the termination, starts message delivery and returns 250
- server starts seeing the other message content as SMTP commands, rejecting 
them all with 5xx
- client finally reaches the end of its idea of the body
- client then sees the 250 the server sent, which makes it happy
- client then also sees a ton of other stuff it didn't expect, which makes it 
- client assumes the connection has gone south and disconnects without sending 

I suspect the client is not sending QUIT because the two SMTP sessions are 
clearly out of sync, not because it thinks QUIT is the right way to initiate 

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