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Re: We need an IETF BCP for GREY LISTING

2011-10-12 00:37:38

I think the only real value in this extension would be to reward clients
that recognize it, by providing their users with more predictable
service (=less delay, more uniform delay).

When I wrote my CEAS paper on greylisting, I found that very little
legit mail is affected by it.  A reasonable greylister only delays the
first message seen from an IP, and after that whitelists it.  (I
realize there are greylisters that delay every new [IP,from] or
[IP,from,to] but the solution is not to do that.)  Very little legit
mail comes from an IP you've never seen before.

Every discussion list I know comes from a single IP or a very small
set of IPs, so the first message or more likely the subscription
confirmation might be delayed, but nothing after that.

I really don't see anything to fix.

There may not be anything to fix, but there's most certainly a lot to
break. The history of email agents parsing and processing time values isn't
exactly trouble free.