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Re: Received header field for special processing, such as "held for moderation".

2011-10-25 02:22:40

Dave CROCKER wrote:
Occasionally, the Other Crocker ventures into email space and he chose to be more thoughtful about a brief thread that was just on the IETF listthat noted a message delay due to being held for moderation.

Currently, nothing in the message (or smtp responses, of course) signals this reason for delay. (For those who haven't seen the thread, the person initiating the the thread thought the delay was due to DKIM processing...

It would be quite simple to add a Received header field, when a message is placed into a moderation queue, noting that fact.

What problem you're trying to address? A mechanism to report any arbitrary delay, or are you specifically thinking about moderator delays on a list?

Mail filtering products have all kinds of reasons they may choose to deliberately hold a message, e.g., a message that appears to contain restricted content might be approved for sending outside the corporate walled garden; a virus filter may have flagged a message as "suspicious" and taken it "offline" for a more time-consuming examination, like sand-boxing; a delay caused by a referral (4xx response).