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Re: draft-atkins-smtp-traffic-control

2011-10-29 04:21:20

On 29/10/2011 01:02, Hector Santos wrote:
Focus is lost when you attempt to remove greylisting realities from the "temporary rejection time delays" issues.

In other words, if you remove this, your proposal boils down to two reasons to exist:

  #1 Real Server Controls at Load Limiting
  #2 Wishful Server Controls at Connection Sharing/Holding clients

For #2, you have no control - its wishful and that only way to deal violators is drop the connection. For #1, when these server issues a "wait=" time, it will be behaving like a Greylisting server because the specification will now need to define how the server will enforce the "wait=" time.

Well, for #2, you can say 'I'm too busy now, try again in 15 minutes' - it may be 'wishful thinking', but the thing is the server effort here is minimal.

The server effort for #1 is much more complex than for #2, so while #2 may be wishful thinking, for the effort involved it may be worth doing.

#1 may be 'behaving like a greylisting server', but it may not be one - eg the server may know it's very busy between 9:00 and 10:00 local time, so if it receives a message that it can't handle at 9:45, it may say '421 too busy try later - wait:1200', but if another server sends a message at 10:30, it will just accept it without requiring a delay. This is regardless of where the message is coming from, just based on server load or other factors.