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RE: SMTP traffic control

2011-10-29 04:42:09

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How high is the cost of of publishing an experimental RFC? Somebody has
to write it, a few people have to discuss it on a mailing list, and
finally an editor has to do a bit of QA and publish it. What do I miss?

That's one of the most amazing trivializations of the IETF process I've ever 
seen.  Even a slam-dunk of a document takes months to get through the process, 
and invariably requires dozens of people's time.

It's true that Experimental is "cheaper" than other status options, but that 
doesn't mean it's cheap overall.  And draft-santos-smtpgrey is seeking 
Standards Track status, the most intensive option in terms of requiring 
demonstrable consensus, layers of evaluation, interoperability considerations, 
security evaluation, privacy evaluation, specification rigor, etc.

Please don't take these costs for granted.

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