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RE: SMTP traffic control

2011-10-29 01:23:53

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I really don't understand the resistance against the idea. Some servers
and some clients will implement it and benefit from it (if they are
talking to each other), others won't and for them everything will be as
before. How would a standardized way of conveying the same information
that some servers already convey informally hurt the mail system?

The issue is not one of potential harm, it's a measure of the cost of 
specifying this through the IETF (which is high) versus the potential gain 
(which, so far, doesn't seem likely to be high).

If people are convinced this is a big win, go off and build it, show how much 
of an improvement it is and at low cost, and include that in the evidence that 
this is a worthwhile investment for the IETF.  That would increase the 
likelihood of success dramatically.

So far, though, it doesn't sound like this addresses a pain point big enough 
for widespread adoption to be likely, so the cost of processing a standards 
track RFC would be wasted.  That's the cause of the resistance.

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