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Re: Server Enforcement of Time Blocks (wait=)

2011-10-29 03:25:57

Peter J. Holzer wrote:
On 2011-10-28 23:33:09 -0400, Hector Santos wrote:
But I am sure there would be a concern with a no enforcement model in the open market since the tendency will be "why bother?" Even within the Honor System, good intention clients who feel they must get a message delivered, or simply has no incentive to bother with code changes, will cross their fingers and just retry again. After all, the new please "wait=" idea is for the *other guy" and not them.

For good guys the reason to bother is that they will usually get the
mail through *faster*, because the wait time announced by the server is
*less* than their usual retry time.

I agree if there would be a cost awareness factor associated with known policed controls. I don't see that when there isn't any server enforcement. Remember, in this alternative model where there is no regulation controls on the "wait=" time. Its an honor system control. Additional premature attempts will not be policed..... hmmm, if it does, its a greylister :)


Hector Santos

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